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I love... Dar es Salaam

Vanessa Mdee on Arise Magazine, Issue 12 ...I love Dar Es Salaam...I love DSM too!
Taking you to a trip around Dar Hot spots..

MTV's Vanessa Mdee takes us on tour of Tanzania's capital Dar es Salaam, from the.
1. Slipway
I remember this back in the day when I was young. Slipway was where I’d tell all dates to meet me. On Sunday evenings there’s an outdoor dancefloor and it’s the only place where you can rollerblade, eat ice cream and cotton candy and dance to the hottest tunes. Slipway Road
2. The Rose Garden
This is one of the busiest restaurants in Dar es Salaam. At almost any hour of the day, you’ll fight to get the attention of the waiting staff. They always seem to be running around taking another order to the kitchen. You’d think this would stop people from going there but, 10 years down the line, The Rose Garden is still one of the city’s most hip restaurants. Garden Road, Mikocheni
3. Chef's Pride
This restaurant is Dar es Salaam’s best-kept secret. It’s as good as mama’s cooking – homemade food away from home. I always order Ndizi Nyama (cooked bananas soaked in coconut beef stew). Yummy. Chagga St, Mchafukoge
4. George and Dragon
Everyone calls this The English Pub. I’ve had a few memorable nights here. They’ve got the deadliest shots in the city. Haile Selassie Road, Msasani Peninsula
5. Bongoyo Island
Bongoyo Island is a 30-minute boat ride from Slipway and it has the most remarkable beach I have ever seen in my life. I visit Bongoyo when I need inspiration, to get away or to have a secret skinny dip! I always have a good time here. Ferry from Slipway
6. Nyumba Ya Sanaa
I go to Nyumba Ya Sanaa to buy my local jewellery. You can get carvings of ebony, jewellery, ceramics and tie dye dresses. I wear a piece from here in almost all of my television shows. Love it. Ohio Street, Kisutu
7. Runway Lounge
This urban lounge is fabulous. From colourful cocktails to the star-studded bathrooms (the walls are decorated with some of Hollywood’s most famous faces), it screams glitz, glamour and sexy. Runway gives me a reason to throw on my Jimmy Choos.Shoppers Plaza, Mikocheni
8. Kariakoo
They say every city has a little Chinatown, and Kariakoo is exactly that. This beautiful main market has interesting local colour and attracts a diversity of people. On sale are exotic fruits, fresh fish, food products, handicrafts, rich textiles and many other locally made products. Congo Street
9. Lemon Spa
Located next door to George And Dragon is Lemon Spa. This is my joint. Mickey, my hairdresser, always keeps the looks fresh so me and every other urban hottie in Dar es Salaam is here every other week. They’ve also got great herbal massages and spa therapy treatments, and they use local herbs, spices and oil to soothe your body. Haile Selassie Road, Msasani Peninsula
10. Samaki-Samaki
Samaki is Swahili for fish and the fish here is so nice, they named it twice! This is the best seafood place in the city. The walls have memorabilia of past revolutionary leaders and it’s impossible to forget the experience of sitting at the little dhow boats for tables, which give this restaurant its unique touch. There are two branches of Samaki-Samaki in Dar es Salaam, so you can choose between having your seafood by the sea or at the mall. Mlimani City or Dar Alive
Dar by night.
    by Arise Magazine &                 

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